True Cellular Detox™ consists of three components: The Prep Phase, the Body Phase, and the Brain Phase. It is a 90-cellular detox that goes far beyond other detoxes. True Cellular Detox™ supports your cellular metabolism upstream where real toxicity exists. Most detox programs or cleanses on the market are “downstream” at best, not supporting your body at the cellular level to remove toxins.

True Cellular Detox™ will work whether you change your diet or not. However, to get the most out of this program, incorporating the 3 exchange diet, the detox exercises, and the emotional detox will provide enhanced and accelerated results.

While this is a 90-day program, once you have completed the program,  we recommend periodic detoxification. It is impossible to avoid the toxins of today’s environment, most of which lie right under our roof and nose. Therefore, periodic detox support may be the most important part of any wellness program.

To see if the True Cellular Detox™ program is right for you, download and take the Toxicity Quiz and bring your results in for evaluation.

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